Hi, how i can publish an application in my Citrix server?

Well, read below!

Publishing applications is very easy. In this lab we’ll publish 2 applications: Notepad and FileZilla Client.

First of all, connect on your Citrix server, click on Applications folder and create a new Folder, in my case it’s Tools. After that, right click on Tools folder and choose Publish application.


A wizard will appears, you can skip this page in the future, for the moment click on Next


Enter application name and a brief description, click on Next


You have several choice, but as Notepad is already installed on the server choose Application, accessed from a server. Click Next


Enter the path of the application and the working Directory and click Next.


Now you have to select the Citrix server, so click on servers folder


Click on the Citrix server hosting Notepad and click Add then OK


Now you can see the selected server here. Of course if you a have a great number of users using Notepad you just have to add another XenApp server.

Click on Next.


Now you can give the application to users. Click Next.


Here you can change the application icon or placing it in a folder (like my folder tools created before). Click on Next.


Click on Finish.


Now you can see your published application in the Citrix AppCenter console


Ok, publishing Notepad was really easy has it was already installed on the XenApp 6.5 server. Now we’ll install and publish FileZilla, a Ftp client, always usefull.

First of all we need to download it here

Open a cmd and write command lines below:

change logon /disable


it will disallow rdp new connection on the server (already connected users are not disconnected!)

To see connected user on a Terminal Server:

query session


Remember when installing application on Citrix servers, you must do it without any user connected on!

So you need to logoff connected user!

Logoff 1


You can see there’s no remaining Citrix or TSE session. Only root user in console mode.

Now you can install your software. But you must prepare your server for TSE install

change user /install


Now we can install the software as usual!. Launch FileZilla setup and click I Agree.


Choose to install for all user and click Next


Click Next


Choose the path to install FileZilla then click Next


Click on Install


Uncheck Start FileZilla now and click Finish


Now we have to enter this command line:

change user /execute


Ok, now we have to allow TSE /XenApp session on the XenApp server

change logon /enable


The server is now in execution mode. The FileZilla is installed on your server, but we have to publish the application for user.

Open the Citrix AppCenter and publish a new application. Enter application name and click Next.


Click Next


Click on Browse, locate your XenApp server, then enter the path of the application. Click Next.


Add your XenApp server and click Next.


Add a user for the application. Using AD group will be easier to use than always adding new user to the application. Click Next.


You can change icon or create a new folder to store the published app. Click Next.


Click on Finish.


Now FileZilla is installed on the XenApp 6.5 server and user can access to the application. If you open a session on the Web Interface you can see the FileZilla icon.


Ok now it’s finish, we just have to check if it works fine or not!

In order to make a usefull test, do it from another server! Open Internet Explorer and go to your XenApp Web Interface (you can see older article in order to setup XenApp 6.5 W.I)

On the printscreen below you can see FileZilla runing. If you open the task manager you can see there’s no FileZilla process as they running on the XenApp server!


Last warning!

If you make your test with an admin account, there’s a lot of chance that you’ll have no error message! But working with non admin account is the best way to test application published on XenApp server.

With basic account don’t forget to add it to Remote Desktop Users group! If you forget it you’ll have this message: