How to Install and configure VMWare Syslog Collector 5.1?

Well, read below!

In this lab, we’ll install the Syslog Collector on the Vcenter 5.1.

So insert the Vsphere 5.1 iso and choose Vmware vShpere Syslog Collector and click on Install.image-01

Click Next.image-02

Click on Next.image-03

Accept terms and click on Next.image-04

For the lab purpose, you can keep default value. Click Next.image-05

Choose VMWare Vcenter server installation and click Next.image-06

Enter the Vcenter name, login & password and click Next.image-07

Click Yes.image-08

Keep default value and click Next.image-09

Your Vcenter should be listed. Click on Next.image-010

Click on Install.image-011


Click on Finish.image-013

Now select your Esxi, click on Configuration, Advanced Settings and select Syslog, Global. Enter the Vcenter name (FQDN) in Click on Ok.image-014

Always on the Esxi, click on Configuration, Advanced Settings and allow syslog.image-016

Now click the Vcenter Home button. The Network Syslog Collector button is available. Click on it to check if your Esxi server appears.image-018

Click on The Network Syslog Collector button to check if your Esxi server appears.image-017

Log are stored in “C:\ProgramData\VMWare\VMWare Syslog Collector\Data