I have an Esxi with authentication set on Active Directory but i can’t connect! Each time i have an access denied message! How i can fix that?

Well, read below!

First of all, you need to connect to your Esxi and check if the authentication is set on Active Directory. Check if there’s information about the Trusted Domain Controllers:ssh-access-denied-01

if it still the case a simple service.sh restart from a putty session will usually works. Connect with the local root account as de screenshot below:ssh-access-denied-02

If it doesn’t works,  check if permissions for your AD account are still here. Usually they are still on the Vcenter, but have disapears on some Esxi servers.

Here present on Vcenter (propaged), but not on my Esxi server!


In this case you have to re-enter each AD account on each Esxi, you can do it with this command line:

vim-cmd vimsvc/auth/entity_permission_add vim.Folder:ha-folder-root 'Super-Vilains.bad\Vmware_Infra' true Admin true

Now i can connect with a putty sesion with my AD account.ssh-access-denied-05