How i can configure my Esxi 5.1 server (Dns, AD,) for lab purpose? 

Well read below!

First of all you need to install an Esxi 5.1. You can check this article to do so. Shutdown the Esxi and change virtual machine settings, add 3 network card. image-01

Power on the Esxi. Log on on your Esxi server, press F2 and Enter your login and password.


Choose Configure Management Network.image-03

Choose IP configurationimage-04

Enter a static IP address. Add it in your Dns.image-05

Select IPV6 Configuration and disable it.image-06

Do not add DNS configuration and Custom DNS Suffixes, we’ll do that from the Vcenter or the ESXI gui.

Press Escape to quit IP configuration and press Y to restart management network. image-011

Now you can connect on your Esxi with a Vsphere Client. Enter root and the Esxi password.


Select your Esxi and go to Configuration, Dns and Routing, click on Properties to add your settings.


Of courses in order to test the Dns configuration, you must add a Dns entry


A basic ping of the Esxi will be answered with the FQDN.image-013_0

On the Esxi server, make a Test Management Network test.image-014

Press Ok to start test.image-015

The test is successful.image-016

Now we can change Authentication Services in order to connect with an Active Directory account.

Go to Configuration, Authentication Services and click on Properties. Enter the domain name and click Join Domain.

enter your login and password and click Join Domain.

Now you can login with an AD account!

Of courses the AD login need permissions on the Esxi.  

Select the Esxi and click on Permissions. right click and choose Add Permission…

Select Administrator Role and click the Add.

Select your AD domain and add the your account.image-021

Now you can see the SUPER-VILAINS\root account is Administrator. image-022

Close the Vsphere Client and start a new one with your AD accountimage-023

You can see the used account is now SUPER-VILAINS\root.image-024