How i can check if the Disk.enableUUID option is set to True?

Hi, well on some Windows 2008 server (virtual machine) we have a trouble with Netbakup 7. After reading the Symantec Kb article it seems we need to set virtual machine Disk.enableUUID to True.

Ok so i can do that?

From the Vsphere client, you must shutdown the VM, when down, click on Edit Setting, Options, then click on General. Click on configuration parameters button.


Check for CtxEnable, it should be setup to true, and you must have scsi*:*.ctkEnabled for each disk in your VM.


As you an see it takes time to check if this settings is enabled or not.

But if you use PowerCli, it’s more faster (no need to shutdown the VM!). Below you have  a complete script in order to do so.

But if you want to have the basic command line!

[vSphere PowerCLI] P:\Scripts\DoTheJob>Get-VM -Name VMNAME| Get-View | Sort Name | select Name, @{N="ChangeTrackingStatus";E={$_.Con

Now the whole script!

# Check Change Tracking Status

function CheckStatus

Get-VM | Get-View | Sort Name | Select Name, @{N="ChangeTrackingStatus";E={$_.Config.ChangeTrackingEnabled}}}

function mainMenu()
Write-Host "=====================================";
Write-Host " Check Change Tracking Status" -ForegroundColor Yellow ;
Write-Host "=====================================";
Write-Host "1. Check All VM";
Write-Host "2. Check Single VM";
Write-Host "3. Check VM in List";

write-host ""

$Result = Read-Host "Choose Options"
write-host ""
      Switch ($Result)
      1 {"Check All VM" ;
      #$AllVM = Get-VM  | Get-View | Sort Name | select Name, @{N="ChangeTrackingStatus";E={$_.Config.ChangeTrackingEnabled}}
	  $List = Get-VM;
      2 {"Check Single VM" ;
      $VM = Read-Host "Enter VM Name";
      Get-VM -Name $VM | Get-View | Sort Name | Select Name, @{N="ChangeTrackingStatus";E={$_.Config.ChangeTrackingEnabled}};}
      3 {"Check VM in List" ;
      $path = Read-Host "Enter file path"
      $List = gc $path;


Write-Warning "You must use PowerCli to use this script"
Write-Host " "
Write-Host "Press any key to continue ..."
$x = $host.UI.RawUI.ReadKey("NoEcho,IncludeKeyDown")


Below some screenshot from the script execution:

A basic information, you need to use PowerCli to use this scipt!uuid-powershell-01_0

You have the choice to check all your Virtual Machines, a single VM, or a list of VM

i’ve selected a single VM, and you can see CtxEnabled is set to True!uuid-powershell-02

i’ve selected a single VM, and you can see CtxEnabled is set to False!uuid-powershell-03_0

If you have any trouble with the script, add a comment!

New Update (Change Tracking Status to Enable on each disk)

On Esxi 4.1 steps are:

Shutdown the VM