How i can have a basic Database server for my lab?

Well use SQL 2008 R2!

First of all you need to download it from Microsoft, create a new virtual machine, install a Windows 2008 R2 and apply update.

Now you can start installing SQL 2008 R2!

So launch setup.exe from SQL server and follow the procedure

The first thing that appears you need to enable Framework core role on you server, click on  Ok do to so.


Click on Installationimage-02

Clickon New installation or add features to an existing installationimage-03

Click on Okimage-04

Choose Express with Advanced Serviceimage-05

Accept licence term and click on Next.image-06

Click on Installimage-07

If all check are ok, click on Next.image-08

Choose SQL Server Feature Installation.image-09

Select Database Engine Service and Management Tools – Basic. Click on Next.image-010

If all results are correct, click on Next.image-011

Keep default instance and click on Next.image-012

Click on Next.image-013

Click on use the same account for all SQL Server Services.image-014

Choose Mixed mode (specify the password for sa account) and add you current account.image-015

Click on Next

If all is correct, click on Next.image-017

Click on Installimage-018

Now your SQL Server W2K8 R2 is installed. Click on close.image-019

Now you must configure your SQL server. Start SQL Server Configuration Managerimage-020

Select Protocols for MSSQLSERVER, you can see most protocols are disabled by default.image-021

Select TCP/IP, Named Pipes and enable them.image-022

You must restart the SQL Server Service after theses modification.image-023

Now you have a SQL 2008 R2 server.